Fast homeowners go mobile with skateboard business

Tommy & Danielle @slowcarfasthome

Tommy and Danielle grew up in Annapolis, MD, but moved to Wilmington, NC as the next step in determining their direction in life.  5 years later, they decided to start a longboard skateboard business out of their home.  

Reform Life , SlowCarFastHome , Toyota RV Camper

Over time they realized that moving to a bigger city would offer them increased opportunities, so they settled on Denver, CO and went for it. This move turned to be fruitful, as they quickly settled into numerous local fairs – helping them grow their business.

Reform Life , Slowcarfasthome

But something was missing …. the higher cost of living had crushed their ability to travel as they did in the Carolinas, which didn't settle well. So they decided to take a trip - packing up their pop up shop/conversion van with a mattress, cooler, & camp stove to hit the road to Moab, UT. It was then that they realized that life on the road, with a mobile business - would be their best option in achieving their goals.

Reform Life , SlowCarFastHome , Toyota RV Camper

On that trip, they also realized that they would need more space to be mobile and live comfortably with their dogs, business and life. So after weeks of research and a one-way flight booked to Washington, they bought a small 22 ft Toyota RV and never looked back.

Reform Life , SlowCarFastHome , Toyota RV Camper


 Since - the couple has had plenty of ups and downs but say life on the road has gotten easier with time. They’ve been on countless adventures across the nation but felt most overwhelmed by Jackson, WY and the Grand Teton National Park area. “Some of the best free camping we’ve ever had, alongside some of the most amazing lakes and hikes.” 

Reform Life , SlowCarFastHome , Toyota RV Camper

 Most of their travels now are determined by following comfortable living temperatures; chasing cooler temperatures in the summer and warmer in the fall and winter. This has given them a greater appreciation for all the diversity of the US. It also has helped them realize they can live with much less – giving them more control of their life and finances.

Reform Life , SlowCarFastHome , Toyota RV Camper

Tommy and Danielle maintain their lifestyle through many different income streams. They have their own business (LowTide longboards), create artwork and furnishings, blog for companies affiliated with the travel world, and also work with companies who want young full time travelers to work with them (like Progressive insurance).

Reform Life , SlowCarFastHome , Toyota RV Camper

They’ve gotten comfortable taking all types of jobs, and have realized that their outlook on work has changed the meaning of what a job should be. Tommy and Danielle work hard for their lifestyle and are happier now than ever before. But it comes at its cost. “This lifestyle is hard, not always comfortable, but worth it if you want it bad enough.”

Reform Life , SlowCarFastHome , Toyota RV Camper

They work harder than ever and have grown so much in the last 6 months – chasing their passions, living simple and traveling. Follow Tommy, Danielle and journey to a Reformed Life @slowcarfasthome.

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  • Patricia Riordan

    You are both a fantastic role model for those would aspire to do what you are doing.

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