Our Story

In 2017, Reform was founded from a simple mission; to live more with less and re-connect with the outdoors. 

Growing up and living in Southern California, my favorite memories were in the outdoors; body surfing at the beach, snowboarding in the Sierras, hiking local mountains and climbing any tree my eyes laid on … The outdoors was my happy place. But as I got older, life shifted indoors without any alarm.
The slow and gradual creep from high school to college and ultimately into a corporate career severed me from the natural environment and into an artificial world; chasing money, material possessions & significance.
Until one day, it hit me … after enjoying simple comfort and beauty in my “new" 1980 VW Westfalia - outside. The simplicity & freedom shook my thoughts day in and out. So after 6 years in an advancing corporate career I walked away, to “Reform Life”; live simple and simply reconnect. 

A year later - re immersed in nature and seeing the disconnect first hand, I realized the planet needed to be spoken up for. So, I built out a Sprinter Van as my tiny home/mobile office and founded Reform with a simple mission; to create high quality, long-lasting products for everyday use - to reduce consumption of single use alternatives and to contribute to ocean/coastline trash pickups. Our products were built from a serious outdoor enthusiast’s mindset - high quality, versatile and timeless, unlike the cheap and fabricated  alternatives found at most markets and stores. Today - Reform products perform in day in an day out for whatever life throws at them… reducing your footprint and helping to solve our growing single use plastic problems.