Our Story

Reform Life , Story

Reform grew out of the lessons learned from its founder, Ryan Minarik, when he found comfort outside in his VW Westfalia.

This comfort pushed him outside his comfort -  causing him to reflect on the inherit joy received from spending more of his life outside. But it also made him realize that  his "successful" life had disconnected him from what connected him the most ... nature. 

So he embarked on a journey, to spend more of life outside by embracing the principles of minimalism to take back control of his time and to redefine his relationship with the outdoors. This lead to a year of travel where he documented stories of his own and others on his blog Reform Life. 

These journeys and lessons ultimately became the foundation for the brand Reform, which works to spark these discoveries with premium products that help to reconnect people & the planet.

We believe that a connection to nature is not only important to our health, but to the sustainability of our planet. We donate our time, efforts and 1% of our profits to social & environmental organizations who aid in our reform. We also continually work to reduce the impact of developing our products, and encourage recycling our products after use. 

These efforts have helped us create a company we are proud to work for and look forward to continuing.