Spend 20 hours in 7 days, outside & unplugged.

Reform Life , Challenge

 The Challenge: Find and spend 20 hours outside & disconnected from screens (phones, computers, TVs... etc.) in a 7 day period. Challenge yourself or a friend. Reach 20 hours or get the most in 7 days... and you win. 

Why? We've developed a societal norm around an unhealthy lifestyle - living our lives inside & staring at screens. In fact, the majority of us average less than 10 hours a week outside, and more than 10 hours in a single day in front of our computers, phones & TVs. That's only 5% of our lives outside, while we evolved from living 99% of it outside.

How? Make the time! If needed, schedule time each day. If not, spend about 3 hours each day outside & unplugged. Find time everyday, and keep track of the hours to help build & sustain that muscle.



This challenge was designed to provide momentum to redevelop and sustain a connection to nature. Its scientifically proven to make us happier, healthier and more creative. We just need to spend more time in it.

For more ideas on how find #20hrsoutside - look at our list of ideas below. 



  • Drink your coffee outside
  • Watch the sunrise
  • Go for a calming morning walk
  • Eat your breakfast outside
  • Have a morning surf session
  • Ride a bike 
  • Take a mid day snooze in the grass
  • Walk your dog
  • Swing on a swing
  • Sit in your driveway
  • Play a sport
  • Try slackling
  • Go camping
  • Enjoy the company of a friend
  • Catch a sunset
  • Watch the stars
  • Read a book under a tree
  • Write your thoughts
  • Stare into the distance
  • Observe wildlife
  • Listen to a new album
  • Climb a tree
  • Play cards
  • Enjoy happy hour
  • Have a picnic
  • Hang in a hammock
  • Lay in the grass
  • Do yoga in a park
  • Meditate 
  • Go for a skate
  • Play Bocceball
  • Enjoy the warmth of a fire
  • Play with your dog
  • Body surf
  • Paddle board in a harbor or lake
  • Trek on a local hike
  • Go downhill on a mountain bike 
  • Jump off a waterfall



  • Around the block
  • Under a tree
  • On a patio
  • In a park
  • On the sidewalk
  • In the woods
  • Up a tree
  • On the balcony
  • At the beach
  • On a hill
  • In the ocean
  • On a trail
  • In a backyard
  • On the roof
  • In a stream
  • On the pier
  • In the grass
  • At a farmers market
  • On a summit
  • In the rain
  • On a boat
  • At a playground
  • Up a rock
  • In a garden
  • On a mountain
  • In a parking lot
  • At a skatepark
  • On a field
  • At an outdoor event
  • In a cave
  • At a campsite
  • On a rock
  • On top of a mountain
  • In a valley
  • Near a river 
  • At the desert
  • In a swimming pool
  • At a basketball hoop